Wedding photography - Our photographic style

Signature style

Even though we like to combine different styles in our wedding photography, our basic wedding photojournalistic style is modern, vivid, clean and crisp. Skin tones are accurate and the natural colors of the scene will "pop", giving the image a beautiful, timeless aesthetic. We don't use automated presets or color filters, every image will be post processed individually.

Below are few examples.

Wedding photojournalism - Advance of two photographers

We've developed a chemistry for years of shooting weddings together and our styles complement one another's. Many wedding photographers use "second" shooter, we are are both primary shooters.

Here is an example, there is only a few seconds between these images.

Wedding photojournalism - Capturing the moments

Our photojournalistic style is based on capturing those fleeting beautiful or funny moments. But it doesn't mean, that we don't want to take breathtaking images on them too. Each image captures an emotion, tells a story, or portrays a mood or feeling. That is why we won't be taking random pictures, for example, you eating or staring off into space.

We're always paying close attention, anticipating that smile, laugh, tear, or hug. We have our crop in mind, our lighting set up, and we're waiting for that right moment. 

We define photojournalism as placing ourselves in the right place at the right time, anticipating expressions of emotion and being ready to document events from storytelling standpoint. We apply this style of photography anytime we are photographing non-posed events, like ceremonies, reception, partying and others.

Romantic and soft

We apply this style of photography, for example, when we give more room to you. We might be further away and we let the beautiful natural or ambient light wrap around you.

Creative style

For example, if we can't find a good shooting location or the weather is bad, we let our creativity to shine. We will use our advanced camera and flash techniques to create compelling and creative effects. The idea is to turn ordinary into extraordinary, finding the interesting image in a scene that the average eye may not notice.

You don't need to be worrying can we find a good location or is the lighting conditions good enough. With the right tools and knowledge, we can make good images basically anywhere and anytime.

Beautiful and sensitive close ups

Close ups, headshots or beauty shots - as we also like to call them - are a good example how we incorporate different photographic styles in to our wedding photography. We love close ups, because they are always very beautiful, intimate and sensitive moments between wedding couples. Basically you can take close up photos in anywhere and anytime with the right equipment and technique.

Wedding fine art

Sometimes we like to take our wedding photography step further and create more visual impact with fine art style, especially if we have the extra time. It gives images beautiful dignity and aesthetics.

We don't do wedding photography with philosophy that we just show up, put you in the shade and start shooting. We want to create art, for you and from you. We want to incorporate the environment to your wedding photos, so it will attach to you and your wedding memories.

Editorial style

Our editorial style incorporates post production and poses, which are often found in fashion photography. These are generally described as "vogue" stylish, and fashion forward. We use editorial style often in group pictures and family formals. The idea is to show the dignity of the wedding day and bring out the beautiful and elegant outfits. The background and lighting are usually more moody and dramatic.

Details create the big picture

You can't forget the important details of the day. With details we also like to get creative and create unique images.

Let's have a party

We are not afraid to join with you on the dance floor, better the party - better the images!

Because you have used time, effort and money to plan and create the mood of your reception venue, we want to cherish that. We don't want to lose the mood with over exposuring the images or post processing the images with presets of color filters. We want you and your guests to shine in your images, retaining the mood that you envisioned.